Best 5 Business apps 2018 for Android and iOS

Here we have listed top five Business Apps 2018 that are available for android and iOS devices. Using these apps, you can schedule your meetings easily. The user can manages his or her data, documents, and images with ease. You can track accounts, billing, and your finance related aspects using Xero App as well as there are apps that help you in tracking your expenses.

To Schedule Meetings

Google Calendar App

Google Calendar Apps

Google Calendar App is the Best calendar app for android 2018. The user can use the app to schedule meetings with your business partners, employers, colleagues and other official matter in your organization. The Download Google Calendar App for Desktop, iPhone, and Mac. In this app, you will find tabs including “Find a Time” in “Edit Event” section to allow users to view meetings and guest availability for the meeting. If your guest has shared their calendar for the meetings and appointments with you then it will show you when the user is busy and when he or she is free. Hence this is one of the best business app that you can share internally.


Price: &5 per user for a month use for work for business accounts and $10 for unlimited storage and if you have personal google account then you can register free.

Compatible Device: Desktop, Windows, Android, iOS, Mac

To manage Documents and Images

DropBox App

The Google DropBox Business App helps you in managing data, documents, and images. The DropBox App will keep your business files including documents and images safe and secure. The user can share the documents easily to share the documents with your friends and colleagues. The DropBox app is an excellent organizational and collaborative app for team and document management. Organization like Pinterest, Intuit, and Hyatt Hotels uses its paid service to store and share files. If you want to know how to use dropbox then you can check it online.


Dropbox Pricing: Free basic account that offers 2GB space whereas its business plan consumes 1TB Dropbox Free Space for $9.99/month.

Compatible Device: iOS and Android

For Accounting, Billing, and Payments

Xero App

The Xero app is an accounting app that let you take care of your bills, accounts, and expenses. With this app, you can pay your employees and manage your purchasing orders. Using this app, your data and information gets saved in the cloud and the user can access his or her data from the android phone, tablet, and laptop. If in case you have lost your device then you can access your data and information from any other devices. The Xero App helps the business owners to handle bills, accounts, and expenses easily and quickly.

Xero App

Xero Pricing: $6.30/month reconcile up with 20 transactions and $49 per month charged for premium plan.

Compatible Device: iOS and Android

To Manage Employees Details

TSheets App

With TSheets App, the organization can track on employee related aspects including Employee’s hours. The user can check the number of employees who are currently working. You can manage the records of all your company’s employees via your mobile device. The user can also note and take the approval for Paid time off, manage timesheets, and vacations. The user can easily integrate the TSheets with QuickBooks.


TSheets Pricing: The app is free for single user and $4 per user per month along with monthly subscription. If you are using it for multiple users then you have to pay $16 to $80 per month.

To track on expenses


With expensify, you can keep track on employee’s expenses. The user can export his or her expenses directly from the credit card to generate expense reports.  All you have to take the picture of your expenses with your phone, the expensify will read the receipt.


Expensify Pricing: For basic team plan, the user has to pay $5 per month per user. For corporate plan, the user has to pay $9 per month along with upgraded features including policy reinforcement and corporate card.

Compatible devices: iOS and Android