Lucky Patcher Original APK Free Download

If you are in search for the Ads removing and license controlling apps then you can go for downloading the lucky patcher app. The Lucky Patcher App is an amazing Android app that let you modify permissions, escape Google ads, premium app license verification. Apart from this, the user can also hack extra lives, coins, and other goodies offered in gaming apps easily by using this app. If you are a game lover and spend one-fourth of your time daily on gaming apps, then Lucky Patcher Original is for you.

Lucky Patcher Original

Apart from the removing Google Ads, you can crack and control permissions for any Android game to get precious gems, money, and to get power. Here we have provided the link to download the Lucky Patcher app.

Lucky Patcher Original New Version (What’s New)

Lucky Patcher Version 7.0.4 Apk:

  • Fixing of Bugs
  • Updation in translations
  • Delay setting
  • Addtion of “Install modded GP”
  • License fixed generation for some firmwares
  • In auto-update custom patches, set 3 days delay.

Suggestion that will help you:

To use and downloading the Lucky Patcher App, you need to disable “Play Protect” that is the play store feature to hide the warning. Here you will get the list of latest version of Lucky Patcher App that you can download on your device.

Lucky Patcher Version 6.9.6 Apk:

  • Bug fixing
  • Updated translations.
  • Updation of Custom Patches
  • Remove patches and ads.
  • Tries fixing of FC for some devices.

Lucky Patcher Version 6.9.4 Apk:

  • Bug fixing
  • Patch removal
  • Updation of translation
  • Updation of custom patches
  • FC fixing

Apart from these two, Chelpus has also released its new versions Lucky Patcher V6.9.9.5, Lucky Patcher V6.9.9.6, Lucky Patcher V7.0.2. If you want to download the Lucky Patcher App Latest Version then you can select any of them and download it on your Android devices.

Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2018

If you are looking for the latest Lucky Patcher Version 2017, then you can download Lucky Patcher version which is the latest version to date. Here you can check the extended features which let you download the Lucky Patcher’s Latest version.

Lucky Patcher Latest version 2017

Lucky Patcher Version 6.9.0 Apk

  • Bug fixing
  • Updation of translation
  • Updated custom patches
  • Help in custom patches creation.
  • Fixing of Ads patch
  • [SHARED-PREFERENCES] for custom patches

Lucky Patcher Version 6.8.6 Apk

  • Translation updation
  • Fixing of custom patch

Lucky Patcher Version 6.8.5 apk

  • Add-on icons provided for multi patching
  • Updated translation
  • Fixing of bugs

Lucky Patcher Version 6.8.0 apk

  • Custom patches updated
  • Custom patches fix log
  • Translation updated

Lucky Patcher Version 6.7.0 apk

  • LVL fixing pattern bug
  • Ads patches updated
  • Translation updated
  • Bugs fixed
  • Custom patches updated
  • Fixing of bugs for rebuilding apps
  • LVL patch patterns updated
  • LVL patch speed up for android 7 users

Lucky Patcher Version

  • Translations Update
  • Fixing of reading exposed settings

Lucky Patcher APK Download Old Version

On the other hand, we have also listed the old versions for the Lucky Patcher apk which you can download as per your preferences and as per the features which are there inside it.

Lucky Patcher Version 6.6.5

  • In-build settings move to new place.
  • To rebuild some apps, the version fixes bugs.
  • Custom Patches update
  • Translations update
  • Bug fixing

Lucky Patcher Version 6.6.4

  • Bug fixed
  • Update Translation
  • Custom patches update

Lucky Patcher Version 6.6.3

  • Option of removing ads from LP
  • Custom Patches and translations update.
  • Fixing of bugs

Lucky Patcher Version 6.6.2

  • Google Play modded update
  • For group operation, Add “All” button
  • Browse button to rebuild final dialog.
  • Option of updating hosts file for escaping ads
  • Updation of custom patches and translations
  • Bug fixing.

Lucky Patcher Version 6.6.1 apk

  • Proxy Server updation for Google Play.
  • Updation of custom patches.
  • To update translations.
  • Bug Fixing.

Lucky Patcher 6.6.0 for Android

  • Updated Translations.
  • To fix a bug.
  • Updated Custom Patches.
  • Backup installation feature.

Lucky Patcher Version 6.5.9

  • It supports Android 8.0
  • Updating translations and custom patches
  • Bug fixing

Apart from this, there are various other old versions available on play store for Lucky Patcher which you can check and download as per your preferences. The Lucky Patcher App has lots of extraordinary features and to use these features you have to root your device.

Coming to the final verdict, the Lucky Patcher Original is one of the best app to make modification in various Android Apps. To check the details and features, Click Here and check what the Lucky Patcher App offers.