FIXD Review: Active Car Diagnostic Device

Are you a traveller, then you might face problems like car break down, and tools repairment problems. If you are in rural area then you might not able to find repair shop or any mechanic expert at that time. So, to solve your problem, experts come up with Fixd Car Health Monitor. Here you can check Fixd Review and get details about this sensor

FIXD Review

What is FIXD Review?

Fixd is a smart device and an Active Car Health Monitor that is powered by software car monitoring technology. All you must connect your FIXD Sensor to your car and install App on your smartphone device.

Mobile App: Fixd has its own mobile application that communicate with the FIXD sensor and will give you details and condition of your car.

Sensor: FIXD also comes up with sensor that you can plug it with your car and send information and data to your FIXD App.

Easy Installation: You can easily connect sensor with your phone wirelessly. The user can automatically pair the device with your sensor.

Multi-Vehicle control: The FIXD App monitors overall condition of your car and you do not require any technic and knowledge about your car. With Fixd, you can understand the overall condition of your car.

Customer Service: 24*7 customer support availability and excellent customer service provider.

Impressive Intuitive: It will help you understanding your vehicle very well as well as the status of every car there in your family.

FIXD: Features

  • Converts all your mechanical problem into English language.
  • Translate the technical and mechanical problem into an English language.
  • It sends you the indication about the problem and maintenance.
  • It gives you the diagnosis details and whole understanding about the working of the car as well as sends you warning about the adverse effects.

How does FIXD work?

Fixd App Review

Firstly, you must plug your FIXD sensor to your OBD II port of car placed at the bottom side of the wheel. The sensor converts the mechanical and technical data and information into an understandable language. From the sensor, the data and information will then have forwarded to the app installed on your smartphone. After this, connect the sensor to the Bluetooth and you will then start getting notification about the code that indicate that the device relates to the sensor. If you find any type of problem appears in a car then the light will turn on. With FIXD you can diagnosis 6,800 problems in your vehicle.

FIXD: Pros

Here you can check the advantages of FIXD that the device offers you to the owner. Check the advantages about FIXD.

  • FIXD converts all your technical and mechanical problem into a simple and easy understandable language.
  • Indicate you about the regular maintenance check.
  • The user will receive notification about the mileage achieved by the vehicle.
  • FIXD can diagnose around 6800 problems in your vehicle.


FIXD saves your lots of money by diagnosing and in fixing of the car problem. It reminds you about your overdue maintenance required to spend on your car. The device will indicate your car’s performance and converts your vehicle into smart car.