Happy Chick APK Download Emulator (Android, iOS, PC)

If you are a video game lover then you know how annoying it is when you want to play a game and it is not compatible with your device. So to completely solve this problem we have an app called “Happy Chick APK”. It is the Happy Chick emulating platform for playing games. Here you can check Happy Chick Emulator Download process, features and details related to Happy Chick Apk.

Happy Chick Apk

Happy Chick APK: Introduction

Happy Chick APK is a type of video game console emulator. The emulator is used for providing emulating platform for playing games. It supports 18 consoles i.e. highest number of consoles supported by any device till date. Happy Chick App has an advanced feature which allows users to play games on the console without downloading them from external sources. You will also get these features in its previous versions like Happy Chick 1.2.9 apk, 1.3.1 APK, and many more. It gives a smooth experience to all mobile users. You will be surprised to know that this emulator is also compatible with TV box which means that you can even play games on your TV.

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Happy Chick Apk 2018: Features

  • Integration of Console: Happy Chick APK is capable of hosting thousands of games which are compatible with consoles emulated by it.
  • Support for LAN: Happy Chick supports gaming by LAN. It means you can play games on local server i.e. without support from Wi-Fi network.
  • Cloud Support for Download: The games which are emulated by Happy Chick are hosted using cloud server. This feature helps in increasing speed of downloads and it acts as a safety feature preventing you from harm caused by third-party applications.
  • Saving and Synchronizing: Cloud Support feature is also helpful when you lose your device. You just need to synchronize data using your account.
  • Online Multilayer Support: Games are fun when played with your friends. This can be achieved by playing games with your friends online which is one of the features.
  • Gamepads can be customized: You can customize Game maps and choose controls on your own.

Happy Chick App: Details

Name of the App Happy Chick APK
Last Version Released
Purpose Emulation for playing games
Price Free
Requirement Android 4.0+
Space Requirement 56.5 MB

Download Happy Chick APK for Android

Happy Chick emulator

  • You need to go to settings option in android.
  • Settings> security>unknown sources. Make Unknown sources enable so that your device will allow downloading of the app from third-party app store.
  • Go to the official site of Happy Chick APK and click on download button to download the app.

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Happy Chick iOS: Download Process

For IOS users, you can check Happy Chick apk download iOS, iPhone, iPad process.

  • You need to download Happy Chick.ipa file from the official website.
  • If prompted you can click on the ‘safari’ icon.
  • Wait till the download process completion, and after which you need to click on the install icon.

Download Happy Chick for PC

For PC users, you can download Happy Chick emulator for PC .exe file from the official website and double-click on it. You need to accept terms and conditions to install the app successfully.

Happy Chick Emulator: Benefits

  • You can download console games from the app. You won’t have to depend on external software.
  • The user can save storage by downloading games which are required at that point in time. Once you are done with the games, uninstall it.
  • With advanced ROM usage, you can enjoy the smooth gaming experience.
  • You don’t face compatibility issues as all the games are compatible with Happy Chick apk.

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