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Lucky Patcher APK Free Download

Are you fed up with Google ads coming while playing games? Download Lucky Patcher Apk on your android devices to control over permissions. Lucky Patcher not only control over permissions but it also helps you getting free coins, and lives. Not only controlling the access and permissions, Lucky Patcher Apk also helps in hacking gaming apps to get free coins, extra lives, and money. Here you can check How you can use Lucky Patcher APK for hacking gaming apps, remove ads, and to control permissions on already downloaded Apps.

Using the Lucky Patcher app, you can remove advertising, change permissions, get backups of other apps, and other advantages. With just one click, you can view information, go for uninstalling it, even you can delete additional data as well. The Lucky Patcher offers amazing features by which you can manipulate apps and its permissions. You can also create the backups of other apps, and other functions.

Lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version V6.9.9.5

Details Lucky Patcher Properties
App Name Lucky Patcher
Current Version
Price Free
Download Size 6.15 MB
Released Date 8th January 2018
Category Tools
Total Number of Downloads More than 560 million
Minimum Requirements Android 2.3+
Developer Chelpus

Lucky Patcher APK V6.9.9.3

App Name Lucky Patcher
New Version
License Free
Download Size 6.14MB
Released Date 4, January, 2018
Minimum Requirement Android 2.3+
Total Downloads More than 550 million
Developer Chelpus

Lucky Patcher APK 

Details Lucky Patcher Properties
Latest Version Lucky Patcher 6.6.0
Download Size 5.9MB
Update Date 22nd September 2017
Minimum Requirement Android 2.2
License Free
Operating System Android
Developer Chelpus

Lucky Patcher Features

  • Lucky Patcher App let you remove ads available on your free apps.
  • Using Lucky Patcher App, you are allowed to get in-app purchases in your android games.
  • You will get install modded play store
  • Escape all your license verification from apps which are paid.
  • Choose custom patch to get special features and full version.
  • The lucky patcher app works on rooted devices.

Download Lucky Patcher Old Version

  • Lucky Patcher 6.5.2
  • Lucky Patcher 6.5.1
  • Lucky Patcher 6.4.7
  • Lucky Patcher 6.4.6
  • Lucky Patcher 6.4.4
  • Lucky Patcher 6.4.2

Lucky Patcher APK Latest Version

Lucky Patcher How to Hack

  • Download Lucky Patcher first and install it.
  • Click on Lucky Patcher and try to open it.
  • If your device is rooted one, then click on toolbox and find the icon of the “Patch to Android”.
  • Click on the icon and select all the patches and wait for few minutes.
  • Close Lucky Patcher app and open the app which you want to hack.
  • Go to the Purchasing Area and Click on Buy.
  • After clicking it will ask you “Do you want to get this item for free?”
  • Press “Yes” icon and enjoy the features.

Lucky Patcher How to Custom Patch

  • To custom patch any app, you must look for the app that has the Custom Patch feature.
  • Open Patches and choose custom patch.
  • Press Apply icon and after few minutes you will find the message which will indicate you that the Patches are applied.
  • In case you find message stated that the patch couldn’t be applied then you have to upgrade and downgrade the current version.

Lucky Patcher How to Remove Ads

  • Press the option “Menu of Patches”
  • Choose “Remove Google Ads
  • To escape all Google Ads, patch it and press Apply icon.

Latest Version of Lucky patcher

Lucky Patcher How to remove License Verification

  • To remove license verification, you must download it first from its official website.
  • Install the app and grant root access.
  • Choose the apps which have License verification option which you want to remove it.
  • Click on App and choose Open Menu patches and then choose Remove License Verification icon.
  • Press on its Auto mode.
  • Hit on Apply icon and wait for few seconds.
  • After this process, launch the app to check whether the License is removed or not.

Download Lucky Patcher for Android

To download the Lucky Patcher App on your Android device, you have followed the same procedure which you were following downloading its older version. The process of downloading the Lucky Patcher app is very easy which you can check here.

Download Lucky Patcher for iOS

To get the Lucky Patcher App, you have to download an iPadian app on your iOS device and install it. If the user wants to download the Lucky Patcher App on their iOS device then he or she must follow the process to download the App. You can check the Lucky Patcher download process by Click here.

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